Ace Paper Tube Corporation

Cleveland, OH


Ace Paper Tube has been family owned and operated for over 40 years and three generations. We provide excellent service and quality paper tube products. Ace Paper Tube is a manufacturer of custom cores, tubes, paper closures and mailing tubes. We also provide composite containers and cans, specialty tubing and precut cores. Ace Paper Tube will customize whatever size or color you desire. Count on Ace Paper Tube to have “everything you need in one place.”

Valk Industries, Inc.

Greenville, TN


Valk Industries focus is on providing quality, reliability and service. Our quality commitment goes beyond our materials and products. We are ISO 9001 registered as an assurance to our customers. Our paper cores, spiral wound tubes and cardboard tubes come in both standard and custom specifications. We use recycled paperboard in natural color and finish. If desired we will print outer wraps, liners and logos. Check out our website or call us for an estimate!

Marshall Paper Tube Company, Inc.

Canton, MA


Since 1948, Marshall Paper Tube Co, Inc. has been manufacturing custom paper tubes. We can design to your specific needs from scratch or use your concept. Some of the products we provide include cardboard tubes, mailing tubes, colored tubes, shipping containers, cores and collection & coin banks. Many items are available for same day shipping. Our products are 100% recycled paperboard. Visit our website or call us today for a quote or more information.

Nagel Paper

Saginaw, MI


Nagel Paper is one of the country’s oldest family owned manufacturer of tubes, cans and cores in the United States. Since 1924, Nagel Paper has provided exceptional customer service and quality. Our variety of customers has propelled our manufacturing capabilities to the vanguard of core technology. We provide fast turnaround for your products at a low cost. If you cannot find a product that fits your needs, let one of our engineers customize a solution for you.

American Paper Products

Kulpsville, PA


Since 1929, American Paper Products has been a leading manufacturer of the highest grade of cardboard tubes and it is the country’s second largest same family owned company in the whole industry. No order is ever the wrong size and their three plants make both convolute and spiral tubes. They take special orders and sell film cores and display poles from stock that offer a variety of closure choices.

Heartland Products Group LLC

Milwaukee, WI


For quality, 100% recyclable cardboard tubes, look no further than Heartland Products. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we serve customers throughout the United States with the highest quality products, all made to specific requirements both on budget and on time. We have a variety of specialty tubes, cores, and reels. Contact us today for more detailed information.

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Corenso North America

Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Since 1992, Corenso Group has established the reputation for high-performance and quality cores, tubes and coreboards. We believe in environmental responsibility. We use recycled raw materials to create a sustainable end product. Corenso is ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 company. Call us today or visit our website.

Paper Tube & Core, Inc

Paterson, NJ

Paper Tube & Core, Inc. focused on “green” business long before the rest of manufacturing and packing. We process over 1800 tons of cores annually, customizing the cores to your exact specifications. Before shipping our 3-point inspection program ensures the highest quality products for your business needs.

Jonesville PaperTube Corporation

Jonesville, MI

For over 55 years, Jonesville Paper Tube Company has produced paper tubes of the highest degree for mailing and shipping, mailing containers, cardboard tubes and paper cores. We produce our tubes efficiently at a low cost while still providing high quality products. All of our tubes are 100% recyclable.

Carolina Paper Tubes, Inc.

Zirconia, NC

Carolina has supplied industrial, agricultural, packaging and mailing tube needs since 1978. Our major product lines include: small ID convolute tubes, spiral wound tubes, big rolls and custom paper slitting. We also offer all paper grades, greaseproof, water resistant, color tubes and logo printing.

Ridgid Paper Tube Corporation

Wayne, NJ

Ridgid Paper Tube Corporation is a leading manufacturer of spiral wound tubes and custom packaging. We can produce a custom tube for your company’s specific needs. We supply tubes to start-up entrepreneurs all the way up to some of the largest corporations in the world. Call or visit our website today!

Pacific Paper Tube

Oakland, CA

Pacific Paper Tubes is a leading manufacturer of spiral wound tubes, paper cores and paper cans throughout the west. With manufacturing plants in California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada we can offer speedy delivery on orders large or small. Call us today to place an order, request a quote or a sample.

T & S Products

Arlington, TX

T & S Products specializes in providing cores, paper tubes, Edgewrap, composite cans and other packaging materials. Our focus is to help our customer’s operations to improve manufacturing efficiency and product quality. T & S Product experts are here to aid and develop in your custom product designs.

Paramount Tube

Fort Wayne, IN

Paramount Tube designs square, rectangular, round and custom shaped tubes. Since 1980, Paramount Tube has had the mission of helping customers achieve high levels of product quality, economy and performance. With our comprehensive knowledge we can meet all of your company’s tube and core needs.

New England Paper Tube Co. Inc.

Pawtucket, RI

New England Paper Tube Co. Inc. has been MIL-I-45208A certified and every employee aids in the quality process to ensure customers of superior products. Our products include: spiral tubes and cores, convolute wound tubes, spools, discs, plugs and notched and burnished tubes. Call or check out our website today.

Stone Industrial

College Park, MD

Stone Industrial has provided superior quality tubes to our customers since 1888. We are ISO 9001 registered to prove our processes, quality standard. Stone offers a variety of materials/liners for your custom needs. We are able to provide various fabrication processes and bowing for square or rectangular tubes.

Precision Paper Tube Co.

Wheeling, IL

Precision Paper Tube Co. has provided for electrical and electronic industries since 1934. We customize dielectric insulating tubing, fabricated & molded bobbins, fabricated parts & coil forms and molded insulating parts. We will also punch, slit, cut, notch, flare, roll and shape in multiple sizes and forms.

Chicago Paper & Tube Company Inc.

Chicago, IL

Chicago Paper Tube and Can Co, Inc. have been producing high-end, custom, round paperboard containers manufactured in the United State since 1898. We primarily provide our sustainable packaging to health, beauty, gourmet food and home care industries. Call and make an order today or visit our website!

Self Seal Container Corporation

Bridgeport, PA

Since 1965, Self-Seal Container Co has been manufacturing mailing tubes. All of our mailing and shipping tubes are made from recycled paperboard. We have a new medical packaging line to ship biological substance and infectious substances to further help with any delivery need. Call us toll free today!

Advanced Paper Tube, Inc

Cleveland, OH

Advanced Paper Tube has supplied quality paper products since 1982. We are able to produce large and small runs because of our flexible production abilities. Advanced Paper Tube regularly updates production equipment and quality assurance standards for product optimization. Visit our website or call today!

Conitex Sonoco

Gastonia, NC

Conitex Sonoco is a worldwide manufacturer of quality textile cardboard tubes. They offer custom products, winding paper tubes, open end spinning cardboard tubes, twisting paper tubes, & air jet spinning cardboard tubes. They also manufacture paper cones. Conitex Sonoco`s paper products are always made from 100% recycled paper waste.