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Cardboard tubes also known as paper tubes are of a cylindrical design that is composed from wood pulp. The pulp is made into cardboard, paperboard, craft paper and paper adhesive composites. From here the cardboard is wrapped around a mandrel to the desired diameter and length.

The size (diameter) of a cardboard tube is always measured by the interior dimensions, never by the overall thickness. When the cardboard is wound around the mandrel the process is called spiral winding. In addition to diameter and length specifications, the thickness of the structure is determined at this step. Because cardboard tubes are made of flexible material the interior diameter and over all thickness has extreme variability. Cardboard tubes are used in the commercial and industry settings because of its resistance to pressure and stress proving well balanced structural strength.

Nearly every industry uses cardboard tubes in one fashion or another. Some examples of cardboard tubes are: mailing/shipping tubes, kraft tubes, coin banks, Sonotubes®, paper cans, tape cores, caulking tubes, grease cartridges and paper cores. Mailing and shipping tubes are typically used for paper documents that can be rolled. On the other hand, Sonotubes®, caulking tubes and grease cartridges are used to carry different substances in solid or liquid forms. Other cardboard tubes are used to carry things such as cosmetic or beauty products. Because of the dynamic abilities of cardboard tubes they are a cost-effective way to replace wood, plastic, metal or glass containers.

The versatility of cardboard tubes is nearly endless. Besides the unlimited dimension possibilities, and extensive usability. Cardboard tubes are often colored for themed packaging or organization. Additionally, logos or designs may be integrated into the cardboard tubes for product recognition. Waterproofing is also a common practice in shipping tubes or tubes that may be exposed to the elements. Adding different adhesives to the cardboard will strengthen the tubes and therefore, in a strength-to-weight ratio in cardboard tubes rival that of plastic or metal. Cardboard tubes offer the strength, durability, flexibility and are also a recyclable renewable source that makes it a great commercial and industrial component for any tubing solution.

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