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Swartz Creek, MI

Nagel Paper started in 1924, making it one of the oldest family owned converting operations in the country. Our engineers have a wide range of experience in manufacturing paper tubes, cans and cores at the highest quality. We house the most innovative and efficient tube winding equipment in our new 35,000 square foot facility. With millions of tubes and closures on-hand we are able to provide applications to various industries including textile, label, automotive and printing to name a few. At Nagel Paper we have the engineering capability to provide custom tubes to meet all of our customers’ most specific needs. From glassine to crimped ends, from slit tubes to colored wraps, our experienced team can provide you with a high-quality solution to match your applications. We offer a variety of closure options including paper end caps, metal end inserts, crimped end, plastic plugs, decorative metal plug, and several more. Our inexpensive paper masked tubes and end caps are environmentally friendly, re-usable, recyclable, durable and able to withstand high temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Nagel Paper also manufactures medium, large and custom coin canisters for our customers coin bank needs. Our coin bank store offers our customers the opportunity to choose their specific size coin canister, type of end closure preferred and canister design. We also offer die cutting. We offer hundreds of existing dies on hand, but have in-house die design, inexpensive tooling and fast turnaround time. At Nagel Paper we pride ourselves in producing the best quality product for our customers. Our paper tube manufacturing includes testing of raw materials and throughout the whole process to ensure that our tubes are the best quality in the industry. With over 90 years of experience in providing tubes, cores and cans all over the world, Nagel Paper is here to fulfill your needs. Stop by our website or give one our friendly representatives a call today!

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